Transporting and Exporting horses in a horsebox from the UK to EU

23 Jun 2021



From 1st January 2021, the rules for transporting and exporting horses in a horsebox from the UK to the EU, changed as a result of the UK’s new ‘third party status’ due to Brexit. There are now increased regulatory requirements in place including:

  • Certifications
  • Export Health Certificate
  • Isolation



If you are planning to travel to the EU for economic activity (competing or other professional purposes), you must now have legal status in the EU. This includes Transporter Authorisation, a Vehicle Approval Certificate and Certificates of Competence from both the UK and the EU. For most, this involves appointing a representative in your EU destination country and applying to the relevant government. To obtain your Vehicle Approval Certificate you will mostly likely need to send your horsebox empty to your destination country for its certification.


EHC & Isolation

Horses registered with a national branch of an international body for sporting/competition: Your horse/s must have blood tests, an Export Health Certificate (EHC) signed by a vet, and be isolated for 40 days prior to travel.

Non-registered horses: Your horse/s must also have blood tests and an EHC signed by a vet, but must isolate for 90 days prior to travel.


Equine ID

You must have a horse passport registered with an EU recognised studbook or a national branch of an international racing/competition authority. Alternatively, you must have a government issued supplementary travel ID/Animal Transport Certificate (ATC) from the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA).

You must also complete a customs declaration form and notify an EU border control post (BCP) before traveling to the EU. Not all BCP’s accept unregistered horses so you must check which one you need to go through before travelling.

Click here for the British Equestrian pre-travel checklist.


These additional regulatory requirements mean you need to thoroughly plan your journey beforehand to minimise border delays which can add stress to your horse/s. You must have the correct paperwork to cross EU borders. You should also be prepared for increased costs of transporting your horse/s due to the additional certification and tests that are now necessary.


Be prepared for your journey and contact us on 0333 202 3175 to insure your horsebox in the UK.

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