Breeze reunited with his long lost best friend

24 Oct 2016

Breeze the horse is now all grown up, but he when he was a youngster, he and his special friend Buttons were inseparable. Buttons wasn’t another horse or even a human helper: Buttons was a teddy bear. Although they may look like a peculiar pair, Buttons and Breeze’s companionship gave the young horse some much-needed comfort after having a rather gloomy start in life.

Sadly, Breeze was an abandoned foal. The Dartmoor Hill pony was taken in by the Mare and Foal Sanctuary in Devon after he was found in shock and dehydrated after his birth in May 2013.

Three years ago, he and his teddy bear parted ways. Now – despite being a much bigger boy – he still appears to recognise Buttons.



After three years, Breeze was very pleased to be reunited with his long lost best friend – their reunion was quite the spectacle.

Deputy Yard Manager Nicola Anstey said: “Reunited after three years, we could see how pleased Breeze was to have his friend back!

There was a lot of interested sniffing and licking, then Breeze decided to give Buttons a tour of his new stable and carried him around by his ear.

We thought that Buttons might not want Breeze sitting on him again now he is so grown-up, so we snuggled the bear up to Breeze and he happily snoozed the afternoon away.”

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